Constantly evolving for over 30 years

A strong expertise in administrative and accounting processes, combined with innovative services, shapes our proposals: from the analysis and management of ordinary activities, process automation (RPA) up to data driven solutions (BI).

For more than 30 years, we have been guaranteeing our customers a continuous and reliable presence.


Your partner in fintech

We evaluate the areas of intervention with you and implement the most suitable solution for your company.

You will have a dedicated team of scalable expertise that leads you in the efficiency of different areas. We are comfortable to manage international roll outs nearshoring.

The power of our Team

Together for a smart service

Massimo Lomen

CEO and Co-Founder

I am co-founder of TESI Srl, a B2B service company, since 1988,

a historical point in time filled with opportunities just like it was

the Eporediese of the Olivetti galaxy, fertile ground of personal,

technical, and methodological growth.

Here I forged an entrepreneurial spirit based on

values of fairness, trust, and forward-looking.


Sharing the same vision

We have always combined a careful look at innovation to the new frontiers of finance.

Confindustria Canavese

È la principale organizzazione rappresentativa delle imprese canavesane, presente al fianco degli imprenditori dal 1945.

Confindustria Canavese

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A selection of highly qualified companies have joined the new program of YOURgroup


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Our network

Sharing the same values

Quinto Ampliamento

The Quinto Ampliamento association aims to promote a different model of doing business, rejoining the centuries-old Italian tradition in which man, work and communities are connected with sense and profit.

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ICONA S.r.l.

ICONA Srl is the company founded to revalue Officine ICO.

The Officine ICO are born to relaunch the Canavese and Ivrea, starting from the immense and precious legacy of the past, constituted by the imprint of the Olivetti.

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Not just a Building

Our headquarters are located in the Olivetti’s historic canteen, designed by Ignazio Gardella putting integration with the environment first. The view that we have in front of us is suggestive, relaxing, stimulating: from the windows we can see the fifteenth-century church of San Bernardino, a site full of history and art.

Tesi shares the values expressed by the material manifestation of that intangible heritage, which has been able to unite enterprise and culture, aesthetics and functionality, profit and solidarity.